Holidaying in Burgundy means variety!

Burgundy has magnificent nature and inspiring art of living

You are going to discover Burgundy for first time, or to rediscover it, or to come back to it after a long period:
In any case you will experience magnificent nature, nice art of living, strong heritage and great culture.

Enjoy landscapes of exceptional charm. They are very varied with villages and vineyards in wine regions. But Burgundy also offers a marvellous canal system providing a network of navigable waterways which nowadays can be enjoyed for all forms of holiday activities. « Canal du centre » is only 10 kms away.

Morvan (French site), an extensive natural park of half a million acres in the centre of the region, is stunningly beautiful… huge forests, rolling hills and lakes.

Nice livestyle, strong heritage and great culture

Experience the full pleasure of history and culture, wine and food

A holiday to France is punctuated with wine and food. Burgundy is paradise. Burgundy is the region that gave us the ‘Kir’, ‘Boeuf Bourguignon’ and ‘Coq au Vin’, Charolais beef, Bresse chicken, escargots, mustard, gingerbread cake… and so many other items that have made eating a sheer delight.

The scenery is decorated with Romanesque churches, abbeys of the great monastic orders of Benedictine and Cistercian and stunning cathedrals in Dijon , Beaune, Châlon-sur-Saône. In the region you will also find impressive castles built in several periods from the Middle Age. Many of which are open to visitors.
In addition, Burgundy come alive with music, theatre, dance and song from June until October at over hundred locations.